Humans are addicted to AI, including eyeGo, a visual implant installed from the age of nine. When an erratic illness dubbed Jobs Disease incapacitates millions, Emma Jane Castle, a bright eyeGo technician, gets reassigned to investigate a possible link between the implant and the affliction. As the disease consumes Earth, Emma uncovers a potential conspiracy that could rock humankind and technology forever. Teaming up with a high-price private investigator, a hacking guru, a senior member of The Milky Way Library, and a million-dollar AI assistant, Emma races to stop the devastation before it’s too late.


Made possible by sticky quantum entanglement, which connects objects separated by thousands of light-years. Humans can see Earth from the vantage point of telescopes stationed elsewhere in the Milky Way. People can watch live-streaming videos of daily bickering, cavorting and battling on Earth as far back as 9,000 years before humans drew marks on clay tablets.

SHINY METAL BOXES, the first installment in The Wormholescope Chronicles, is a science fiction novel that falls into the abyss of technology addiction.

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Tim Ruel is the author of SHINY METAL BOXES. He is a senior copy editor and has worked as a journalist in the U.S. for more than a decade. Born, raised and latchkeyed in the greenish galaxy of Portlandia, Oregonia, Tim took an interest in dreaming up science fiction as loony as life on Earth. Enjoys traveling, Radiohead, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ladytron, Aphex Twin, partying and deep bass. He also reads sometimes.


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